Creating a Condition for Blended Learning

Think about your classroom in 5 years.  What will it look like? How will your role evolve, and how will students learn?
We ask these and other questions to educators as we facilitate the design of a blended learning environment.  Educators debate and design answers to this challenge during collaboration time. During these great conversations, more questions arise. How will blended learning look different, at

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Individualized Learning: The Future of Education

Take a minute to remember what it was like to be in elementary school. Now forget about the recess drama, the pizza fridays, and that first boyfriend that lasted one lunch, and really try to remember the education you received. Most of us remember the dioramas, the science fairs, the talent shows, spelling bees, field trips, these age-old ways to get kids to enjoy learning.

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What is the Balanced Instructional Design?

Our team has had the opportunity to work with schools for many years, observing the pendulum shift back and forth from whole school Project Based learning to the Reading First initiative and now back to the whole school Project Based Learning initiative.
Through action research and reading other folks research, what we know is for students to reach learning outcomes, teachers have to define a

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